How to fix audio issue in VoIP Services

With the development of technology, traditional home phones have lost it way to VoIP phones. Unlike traditional phones, VoIP phones work on your existing Internet connection. The cost of these VoIP services is also cheap compared to the traditional phone service. These are many VoIP service providers like Magic Jack, Ooma, Comcast, and Vonage.  The main issue with the VoIP services is the quality of the audio or the audio issue. Here you can learn how to fix audio issues in VoIP services.
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New Technology from Qnovo to speed up smart phone battery charging

These days everyone has a smartphone. Be it iPhone, Android or Windows. Basic or high-end mobile. The major problem in all smartphone is the battery. Nokia 1108, the basic and famous mobile had battery standby of 4 days. But the charge in the smartphones does not last even a single day. Let’s see about the new technology from Qnovo to speed up smartphone battery charging
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Duckduckgo – Use the search engine that do not track you

We all use Google to search the Internet. It has become an integral part of our life that we do not say “search it on the net”. We say “Google it”. But, are you aware that Google stores your information? Not only Google all the search engines including bing, yahoo,aol store your information. Here, you can learn about DUCKDUCKGO  the search engine that does not track you.
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Top Excuses given by unproductive people

In every office, there are two kinds of people. One comes under successive or productive people and the other ones who were unproductive. Successive people create a positive atmosphere and it will be easy to work with them. On the other hand, unproductive people give a lot of reason for not completing the task. Here you will see some of the top excuses given by unproductive people.
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