How to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest

There are many content marketing tips and tools available online to increase traffic. In this post, I am going to share one of them. Everyone has heard about Pinterest. But how many of you are using it seriously to promote your blog. Pinterest is one of the powerful social media. Once you utilize it fully, you can see an increase in your blog traffic. Pinterest comes third after Facebook and Twitter. It would be wise to utilize this. Let’s see how to increase traffic to your site using Pinterest.

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Top alternate browsers

Whenever you hear the word browser, the name that comes to your mind is Google Chrome. Yes, google-chrome is the number one browser. Then comes Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  Well there are many other browsers apart from these. What are the other browsers that you are aware of. Here is the list of top alternate browsers.

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Must Know Twitter limits

Twitter is one of the famous social sites. There are more than 250 million active users. Each day more than 1 million tweets are done. Compared to Facebook, the number of fake profiles was  less on Twitter. Twitter has become huge that even politicians are started using it. But, have you wondered that twitter has some limits in using it like a number of people you follow and a number of the message you send. Here are some of the important Twitter limits.

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How to Succeed in Social Media Marketing

Being social is what it’s all about today. Among the benefits of social media is that it allows you to reach your audience directly while saving on advertising. Done right, you can gain substantial business from social networking sites.  Beyond the dollars, among the key benefits of social media marketing are that it can help you to create a strong brand image and build a relationship with your audience. However, it does require you to invest time and effort. Let’s see how to succeed in social media marketing.

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