How to use AIDA in blogging

The rapid growth of composing a blog has offered blog writers a raised position in the world of marketing and advertising. On the internet item releases, event reports, online percentage income and public cause events are usually occurring using the weblog as a marketing system.

As such, blog writers need to implement certain methods to produce material involvement, forcing visitors to take activities.

The addition of call-to-action information within the publish often either goes unseen or the visitors lack fascination to take activity.

This is where the idea of AIDA in composing a blog comes in. This basic idea will help blog writers to framework their publish when they want visitors to take a particular form of activity.  Let’s see how to use AIDA in blogging.

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Top reasons why your blog does not make money

Every blogger must have faced this phase on their blogging carrier. Some understood the root cause and start earning. But many people does not know why their blog does not make money. They may work hard work. But they do not reap many results in terms of earning from a blog. At some stage, some make it as part time work. While others quit blogging completely. Let’s see the top reasons why your blog does not make money as others.

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Mythemeshop Review – Best premium WordPress Themes

Mythemeshop reviewMythemeshop is one of the best word press theme provider for many years. They provide some premium themes with some free themes. Normally in WordPress store you have thousand of free themes, but most of these comes with the lack of important features. Mythemeshop premium theme covered all features a blogger needs. Their themes are gaining popularity in word press users quite impressively. In this post, you will see about Mythemeshop review and  why I recommended everyone to use Mythemeshop themes. Continue reading “Mythemeshop Review – Best premium WordPress Themes”

How to choose domain name for your blog

A Domain name is the web address (the URL) that users enter to get to your blog/website. It speaks to you online and is your individual way of life as it generally stays with you. Picking the right name that sticks with users and projects the message you need to pass on can be one of the greatest difficulties when beginning your blogging journey. This article emphasizes three basic methodologies to naming your blog that will break down this road obstruction and make the procedure less demanding for you. Let’s see how to choose domain name for your blog.

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Tips to protect online privacy from surveillance

Do you know that you are revealing your details without your knowledge? Yes, whenever you post information online,  submit a public record like a mortgage or voter registration or register on a website, shop, data brokers can collect your details and then sell that information to advertisers and other companies.

Online Privacy is very important. To help you protect your online privacy from surveillance, I have provided some tips. Let’s see those tips now.

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Easy ways to increase your Alexa rank

Alexa.Com is a subsidiary of Amazon.Com and is a website which provides information on traffic stages for internet sites. The Alexa rank is measured in keeping with the quantity of customers who’ve visited an internet site with the Alexa toolbar set up.

In this article, I’ll compare the significance of the Alexa Rank as it relates to website monetization while in short discussing probably the most weaknesses worried in utilizing Alexa rating as a secure visitors measure for any website.

Finally, I’ve also given a vast record of easy ways and systems you can use to  increase your Alexa Rank dramatically within the short and long term.

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30 Ways to get quality backlinks to your blog

SEO is divided into two types. One is on page and the other is off page SEO. Quality backlinks are one of the important criteria for off site or off page SEO. Everyone knows the importance of search engine traffic and that getting only the high-quality backlinks is the best way to get better search engine results. Wondering how to get quality backlinks? Well in this post, we will see 30 ways to get quality links to your blog.

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