RevenueHits Review : Best Google Adsense alternative

Is your Adsense account disabled due to invalid activity? Don’t know what to do to monetize your blog? Does your primary income comes only from Adsense and you are searching for a good alternative ad network. Well, today I am presenting “Cash Making Heaven for Blogger”. It is RevenueHits Ad Network. Each one of the individuals who can’t get the Google Adsense Account, can Apply for Revenue Hits and Make a Good Amount of pay even with little traffic.Do you need to know more about this best google Adsense alternative to making money? Give me a chance to clarify it quickly. Let’s see about the Revenuehits review.

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How to Build strong and healthy relationship with bloggers

For developing a successful blog, you need to build a strong and healthy relationship with ProBloggers. Nearly half of the individuals doesn’t know how to build sound associations with top bloggers. The blogging circle is similar to real life. It is sad that most of the blogger do not associate with others (applies to newbies). In my experience, I learned engagement with others help you become successful. In this post, I am going to explain how to interact and build a strong and healthy relationship with top bloggers.

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What happens to your facebook account after you die?

The total number of active Facebook users is more than 1.12 billion. Image what will happen to these accounts after the account owner dies. It may be weird to think that way.

One of my close friends passed away four months back. But, 2 days back I got a message from his Facebook account. I was really shocked. I found that his father is now using his account. I felt really bad about that. He read all the messages my friend sent to his lover.

I questioned about that and he scolded me and said that I do not have any rights to question it. I immediately contacted Facebook and requested to delete my friend’s account. They said only family member can request to delete the account.

Then, I requested to memorialize the Facebook account. I am yet to receive the reply from Facebook.

To protect your private messages being accessed by your family members or friend, add a legacy contact to your Facebook account. In this post, we will see how to add a legacy contact to your Facebook account.

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How to increase domain authority of website

Domain authority or DA measures the value of a website. Domain Authority plays a vital part in Seo and your Blog Trust.

Is it true that you are worried about your web site/site poor domain authority? Furthermore, are you thinking about how you can enhance it quick. You aren’t the only one. In this post, you can see the tips to increase domain authority of the website.

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Grammarly review – free grammar check online

Grammar issues may disturb us, nobody needs their composition to be presented to cold-blooded feedback.

As a blogger, you have to know the standards. Take the time to learn essential punctuation and you’ll everlastingly enhance your written work.

You may know the standards of sentence structure. However knowing the principles once in a while isn’t sufficient.

Here comes Grammarly – online grammar and sentence structure check. In this post, you can see  about Grammarly review and why you need to utilize it.

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How to share files without uploading

Sending a big file can be difficult when the email server or the online storage device has any limitations. There are many methods available to share files without uploading. Here, I am going to share an easy and effective method which I use. This method is one of the simple methods to share the files directly to your friends. Let’s see how to share files without uploading.

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