Top Habits of Highly Ineffective Blogger

Blogging can be your hobby or your means of earning. It can be a creative way of sharing information, venting out your feelings or send across a social message to the audience or readers. And for all these points and more there are many people who are taking up to blogging nowadays. But only a few of them are successful whereas a great number of bloggers fail miserably in their attempt.

Bloggers who fail to achieve success in blogging are often found to host a few common habits that make them ineffective bloggers. So let’s learn here about the top five habits or mistakes that bloggers make which make them ineffective bloggers.

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How To Do SEO Without Backlinking

1300+ words ultimate SEO guide for you all. As you know according to Search-Engine-Land SEO is not dead, but you have to do things alternatively. One of the best ways for perfect SEO is creating high-quality do-follow backlinks, but now it’s enough! Go ahead and beat your competitors without the headache of creating backlinks profile of your blog. Also, Google is smart now and knows all the things about your blog/site. You can’t hide your ass from Google (kidding), with this tricky method of SEO you can get more traffic from Google as easy as you do this.

I know you are willing to know “how your competitors got their blog posts on Google’s first page” and at the bottom of the searching area. You probably search on Google using these terms How I can grow my blog audience?, How I can do so on my blog?, Can i beat my competitor with SEO? Is SEO possible without backlinking? and more.

After a lot of searches, you will find the backlinking can give you awesome results, but not good as your competitor’s blog. There many other things to do for beating your competitor. Therefore, I decided to give you unleashed secrets of SEO without backlinking.

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7 Most Hated Internet Innovations Of All Time – Infographic

Do You love innovations? Ready to hear about much-hated internet innovations?. Here I have added a great information graphic to tell you what are the 7 most hated internet innovations of all time. As we know all inventors want to top others by inventing a new thing. Some can be good for internet users and some can be hateful.

hey, don’t stop. Inventors just love to create new-new things. Tell me you like popup-ads? Probably no-one. The main thing, you like Virus? Which harm your devices and sometimes they deleted your precious data. Read below infographic and know about inventors of these things along with 5 others.

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