Simple plugin to increase blog speed by 150%

Your blog speed is one of the important factors like other aspects of your blog. People hate slow loading sites. It affects the EUE aka end user experience ie your blog visitors. Blog speed is also one of the ranking factors in SERP. Caching is one of the factors to improve blog speed. You can use one of the caching plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total. However, they do have some limitation. In this post, we will see about a simple plugin to increase blog speed.

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SEO PowerSuite Review – The Most powerful SEO Tool

The period where you manually need to find the broken links, meta tags and other SEO mistakes were gone. Softwares were available these days to automate these steps. One such powerful one is SEO Powersuite. This SEO Powersuite is owned by many webmasters and companies for better and higher SERP rankings. In this post, you will learn about the complete SEO PowerSuite review.

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Setup Private Blog Networks -Infographics

Private Blog Networks, or PBNs for short, are at an all-time high of popularity. They are the talk of SEOs, niche site builders, and anyone interested in improving their website rankings in the Google search results. And, that’s just about anyone that has a website…

PBNs are becoming a key component in any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign because of the high level of control you have with the backlinks to your money website.

The problem is that PBNs are an advanced topic with several confusing areas, like…

  • Where do you find domains?
  • How do you actually keep your PBN private?
  • How do you host your domains?
  • How do you build the domains?
  • How do you add backlinks to money sites?

Lets see how to setup private blog networks.

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