10 Things They Don’t Teach You About Productivity

When it comes to productivity, there’s a lot of misinformation available (both online and offline). You can hear different people saying different things, and they all claim to have discovered the definitive way to be productive. Unfortunately, they all seem to focus on doing more, and if you follow their methods, you may end up working more and enjoying your life less.

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Do Not Hurry, Take Your Blogging Decisions With Cool Mind!

For next 5 minutes, forget everything! Take a deep breath. Now, read the following question carefully:

Imagine there are two railway tracks. There’s one track which is not used anymore and one that is regularly used. Some children are playing on the tracks. On the never used track, there is one child and on the other, 20. A train is coming and it’s upon you to decide which side it will go. You can either send it on the always used track and risk 20 lives or on never used track. What will you do?

You will save 20 children! Right?

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Blogging Hats: How Many Hats Are you Wearing?

Writing a post?

How many times did you turn back to see how good or bad your post is?

And how many times did you think of deleting the post because you felt that it is not good?

The real question is not “how many times did you turn back” but Did you turn back?

If yes, you are mixing your hats.

Oops! Sorry for going straight into hats thing without explaining what “hats” mean. By hats, or blogging hats, I mean the roles you have to fulfill as a blogger.

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Free Blu-Ray Player for Windows 10: How to Play Blu-Ray in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest edition of Operating System from Microsoft.It is not only an operating system for computers of 32 bits and 64 bits, it also runs on the ARM platform for tablets and smaller smartphones. Universal applications do not run only on PC, but Windows 10 phones, Windows 10 for Xbox and IO devices as well.

As for media support, Windows 10 gets native support for MKV and high efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). But there is no playback support for Blu Ray. It does not mean you have to live without Blu-Ray in Windows 10. There are plenty of free Blu-Ray for Windows 10. This article gives you professional and free Blu-Ray player for Windows 10 and a detailed guide to help you view, open and how to play Blu-Ray in Windows 10 with ease.

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Blog Motivation Tips: 9 Easy Steps to Get You Started

It starts with procrastination.

Enthusiasm drains. Post frequency decreases. The motivation you once had is gone.

You stare at the blank page, hands poised over the keyboard, and wonder if it all even matters. You’ve lost sight of the goals and dreams you once had for your blog and begin to wonder whether or not your blog is even worth it.

Then you question your credibility.

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Pillar Posts: How to write great pillar posts that everyone likes

When I was asked to write an article for this blog about pillar posts and what they meant to me, my first inclination was to give you the same bubbly, warm hearted response that you would find on most of the A-list blogs (like Yaro Starak and Darren Rouse’s Problogger)….you know the routine….you need to build at least 4 authoritative articles that will become the foundation of your website….

The problem with this, is that saying you need to build pillar posts is easier said than done, especially if you are in a competitive niche….

So, instead of focusing on the obvious (yeah, yeah…you need to write great, engaging content to engage an audience), I have decided to be contrarian in nature and show why I don’t necessarily buy into the premise that you need to manufacture pillar posts in the way that you have been accustomed to hearing.

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