Real Bloggers Publish. Do you ?

1984. A team of developers was struggling with their software. It had to be shipped in less than a week but still had many bugs. They were working almost 90 hours per week.

On Friday, team decided that the software could not be completed in time and they asked the leader to postpone launch date. Any sensible man would have agreed. But that man, famous for his unique style, did not.

Fast forward to Monday, 5:30 AM.

Software was finally completed and most of the bugs were ironed out. The team sent software to factory, ready to ship.

This was one amazing software created by an amazing team with an amazing leader.

Want to know the name of the software?

Macintosh OS.

Yes, Apple was the company behind it and the leader was none other than Steve Jobs.

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How to Spot Clueless Spammer and their Comments

It started quite innocently with a short and sweet comment on one of our blog posts. But after a few weeks, it turned into a curious battle of sorts between post author (Jenny) and a particularly clueless spammer. Normally, there’s no contest between spambots and spam defender plugins that stop them at the door. But human and sometimes clever spammers are another story. Their innocent comments can sneak right past the best spam bouncer. This post examines the frustration and surprising resolve on both sides of the battle. In this post, we will see about How to Spot Clueless Idiotic Human Spammer and their Comments

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