Download Prisma app for your Android device

For photo editing, there are a lot of applications available both for online and offline use. Now, a photo editing app is creating a lot of buzzes online. Its called Prisma and it is the best app available today to edit photos. The best thing about this app is, it turns your photo into an art. Though it is available only for phones, you can get the beta version of this app now.  Let’s see how to download Prisma app for your Android device.

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How to Spot Clueless Spammer and their Comments

It started quite innocently with a short and sweet comment on one of our blog posts. But after a few weeks, it turned into a curious battle of sorts between post author (Jenny) and a particularly clueless spammer. Normally, there’s no contest between spambots and spam defender plugins that stop them at the door. But human and sometimes clever spammers are another story. Their innocent comments can sneak right past the best spam bouncer. This post examines the frustration and surprising resolve on both sides of the battle. In this post, we will see about How to Spot Clueless Idiotic Human Spammer and their Comments

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Free Blu-Ray Player for Windows 10: How to Play Blu-Ray in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest edition of Operating System from Microsoft.It is not only an operating system for computers of 32 bits and 64 bits, it also runs on the ARM platform for tablets and smaller smartphones. Universal applications do not run only on PC, but Windows 10 phones, Windows 10 for Xbox and IO devices as well.

As for media support, Windows 10 gets native support for MKV and high efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). But there is no playback support for Blu Ray. It does not mean you have to live without Blu-Ray in Windows 10. There are plenty of free Blu-Ray for Windows 10. This article gives you professional and free Blu-Ray player for Windows 10 and a detailed guide to help you view, open and how to play Blu-Ray in Windows 10 with ease.

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Pillar Posts: How to write great pillar posts that everyone likes

When I was asked to write an article for this blog about pillar posts and what they meant to me, my first inclination was to give you the same bubbly, warm hearted response that you would find on most of the A-list blogs (like Yaro Starak and Darren Rouse’s Problogger)….you know the routine….you need to build at least 4 authoritative articles that will become the foundation of your website….

The problem with this, is that saying you need to build pillar posts is easier said than done, especially if you are in a competitive niche….

So, instead of focusing on the obvious (yeah, yeah…you need to write great, engaging content to engage an audience), I have decided to be contrarian in nature and show why I don’t necessarily buy into the premise that you need to manufacture pillar posts in the way that you have been accustomed to hearing.

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