How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website ?

How Many Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Website? This is one of the most asked questions regarding the backlinks. Backlinks are important to rank the sites. However, it is not the only factor that decides the SERP ranking. There are 200 factors that decide the ranking of the website. But, backlinks is one of the important factors. There is no need to build thousands of backlinks to rank your site. You need some quality backlinks instead of hundreds of low-quality backlinks.  In this post, we will see how many backlinks you need to rank your website.

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How to write SEO friendly content??

There are different tricks that are available in generating a good SEO friendly content that would lead to bringing good success without any sort of problem at all. You should know that content is king and so it is important to ensure that right steps are taken to make sure to get the right steps as to how you can look forward to writing the best content which is rich in a keyword and make it possible to bring good success in your business. Remember that only a good content would help to get the best results that would not lead to low ranks in the search engines.

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Setup Private Blog Networks -Infographics

Private Blog Networks, or PBNs for short, are at an all-time high of popularity. They are the talk of SEOs, niche site builders, and anyone interested in improving their website rankings in the Google search results. And, that’s just about anyone that has a website…

PBNs are becoming a key component in any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign because of the high level of control you have with the backlinks to your money website.

The problem is that PBNs are an advanced topic with several confusing areas, like…

  • Where do you find domains?
  • How do you actually keep your PBN private?
  • How do you host your domains?
  • How do you build the domains?
  • How do you add backlinks to money sites?

Lets see how to setup private blog networks.

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Best Link Building Methods That Works!

Link building is the heart of off page SEO. So, we all know how necessary link building is. A site will not get authority without powerful natural backlinks pointing to the site. Ahh, we know what it is but we actually don’t. Because link building nothing but a sort of spam, according to Google’s point of view! Google explained, any link created to manipulate search ranking is spam. So link building also goes under the same category. So, we should learn how to acquire links instead of using some spam methods to build links. While there are many methods to build backlinks, you can see the 4 best link building methods which are not spammy.

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Top SEO Mistakes you need to avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to for all blogs. Therefore, it must be implemented in the right way. SEO is quite complicated for many reasons, but mainly because Google uses an algorithm that takes several factors into account when ranking a website and maintain change.

There are almost as many SEO myths that has become very difficult to know what is 100% true, but I can advise you on which the SEO mistakes that you should not do. Lets see the top SEO mistakes to avoid.

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How To Do SEO Without Backlinking

1300+ words ultimate SEO guide for you all. As you know according to Search-Engine-Land SEO is not dead, but you have to do things alternatively. One of the best ways for perfect SEO is creating high-quality do-follow backlinks, but now it’s enough! Go ahead and beat your competitors without the headache of creating backlinks profile of your blog. Also, Google is smart now and knows all the things about your blog/site. You can’t hide your ass from Google (kidding), with this tricky method of SEO you can get more traffic from Google as easy as you do this.

I know you are willing to know “how your competitors got their blog posts on Google’s first page” and at the bottom of the searching area. You probably search on Google using these terms How I can grow my blog audience?, How I can do so on my blog?, Can i beat my competitor with SEO? Is SEO possible without backlinking? and more.

After a lot of searches, you will find the backlinking can give you awesome results, but not good as your competitor’s blog. There many other things to do for beating your competitor. Therefore, I decided to give you unleashed secrets of SEO without backlinking.

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