Best Free Video Editor Software – Movavi Video Editor Review

We all love videos and wish to make our own video. However, unless we have some good video editing software it is not possible. Well, in this article we will see an easy to use the best software for video editing. The good news is that it is free of cost and you do not need a spend a penny to edit the videos. Let’s see the about Movavi video editor review now.

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How to share files without uploading

Sending a big file can be difficult when the email server or the online storage device has any limitations. There are many methods available to share files without uploading. Here, I am going to share an easy and effective method which I use. This method is one of the simple methods to share the files directly to your friends. Let’s see how to share files without uploading.

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How to use your old iPhone as security system

Apple upgrades their devices constantly. Every time a new version is released, applers buys the new device immediately. In a recent research, it is found that the iPhones upgrade their phones often when compared to other mobile users. Some people exchange their old device for new phones. Some may sell the old iPhones. Others give their old iPhones to their friends or family members.

But some people just keep their old iPhones with them. If you are one of them and wondering what to do with the old iPhone? Well, there is a useful way and it is nothing but using your old iPhone as a security system in your home. Let’s see how to use your old iPhone as a security system. Continue reading “How to use your old iPhone as security system”

Tips to protect online privacy from surveillance

Do you know that you are revealing your details without your knowledge? Yes, whenever you post information online,  submit a public record like a mortgage or voter registration or register on a website, shop, data brokers can collect your details and then sell that information to advertisers and other companies.

Online Privacy is very important. To help you protect your online privacy from surveillance, I have provided some tips. Let’s see those tips now.

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Top alternate browsers

Whenever you hear the word browser, the name that comes to your mind is Google Chrome. Yes, google-chrome is the number one browser. Then comes Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  Well there are many other browsers apart from these. What are the other browsers that you are aware of. Here is the list of top alternate browsers.

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