Want to get targeted twitter followers – follow these steps

Twitter has been utilized as a stage for most recent news, spamming (Yes there are some people who do that), informing about promotional offers or passing along most recent data (eg retweeting) or simply having a decent old discussion… Twitter is also called as “Internet SMS”. With such potential, you can get followers easily provided you follow the right steps. Consider what it can accomplish for your business or site or even respect toward oneself. Here are some tips to get targeted twitter followers.

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Must Know Twitter limits

Twitter is one of the famous social sites. There are more than 250 million active users. Each day more than 1 million tweets are done. Compared to Facebook, the number of fake profiles was  less on Twitter. Twitter has become huge that even politicians are started using it. But, have you wondered that twitter has some limits in using it like a number of people you follow and a number of the message you send. Here are some of the important Twitter limits.

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