Grammarly review – free grammar check online

Grammar issues may disturb us, nobody needs their composition to be presented to cold-blooded feedback.

As a blogger, you have to know the standards. Take the time to learn essential punctuation and you’ll everlastingly enhance your written work.

You may know the standards of sentence structure. However knowing the principles once in a while isn’t sufficient.

Here comes Grammarly – online grammar and sentence structure check. In this post, you can see  about Grammarly review and why you need to utilize it.



Grammarly Review – What is Grammarly

Grammarly is another startup that is by all accounts increasing some footing amongst online scholars. Grammarly is an effective instrument that helps bloggers and writers enhance their composition by minimizing their mistakes.

Individuals commit errors in composing, for example, wrong spelling, confounding words and long-winded sentences. Grammarly, hence, attempts to figure out the slip-ups, clarify the reasons for them, and offer recommendations to correct them.


How Grammarly works

Contextual Spelling: Bases spelling on context – not just the fact that a specific word is in the dictionary. Helps correct common errors such as affect/effect, lie/lay, there/their/they’re and lose/loose.

Grammar: Checks for subject-verb agreement, misused articles and consistent verb form and tenses.

Punctuation: Checks for missing and redundant punctuation.

Sentence structure: Identifies misplaced words and faulty word order.

Style: Helps reduce redundancy and wordiness.

Plagiarism: Finds copied text by comparing against a database of eight billion web pages.

Vocabulary enhancement: Provides related word suggestions to improve your writing.

Professional proofreading: Document is sent to a real person who will manually check your writing and send it back to you (additional cost).


Easy-to-Use Interface

Grammarly lives up to expectations in all present day web programs. You don’t have to install it on your PC. Rather, you can just go to the site, log in, and afterward begin your trip. The application has an exceptionally basic interface whether you can deal with your profile and membership, contact help, skim the check history and quest for any archive that you have checked here.

When you need to check another report, you can click on the “New” and glue your content on the clear page, or you can basically transfer your record by clicking on the “upload”. After a couple of seconds, Grammarly will complete the examining and give back where it’s due letting you know the score of your content and the errors you’ve made. When you have completed the process of checking and altering, you may decide to duplicate the content or download it.


Grammar Check

With more than 250 inherent punctuation rules, Grammarly performs an inside and out checking for the linguistic use of records. It checks the structure of predication, the utilization of verb tenses, abuse of articles, verb structures, dangling modifiers, etc. Furthermore, you can decide to check punctuations, sentence structure, and composing style to counteract potential issues like the wrong or shameful utilization of comma, excess, and longwindedness.

When you have a check, all sentence structure issues are decently classified and unmistakably shown, so you can audit and reexamine the words or sentences effectively in the wake of perusing the point by point clarification about the blunders. Additionally, all clarifications incorporate a few samples that help you comprehend the linguistic principles.




Spell Check

When you turn on context-oriented spelling check, Grammarly will check for the wrong spellings in your content and offer recommendations. An alternate highlight is that the application can likewise distinguish the wrong utilization of words in a setting regardless of the fact that you have spelled the words right. In case, you wrote, “here” instead of “hear”, it will correct it automatically.

Word Choice Suggestions

Grammarly attempts to help enhance your substance quality by offering a few proposals about the utilization of equivalent words in your content. At the point when the application recognizes some obscure descriptive words like “incredible” and abuse of words, it gives improvement recommendations to support you to broaden the content. This gimmick is incredible for individuals failing to offer a substantial vocabulary.

What’s more, in the event that you double click a word, there will be a few equivalent words about the expression and helpful proposals about how to improve the statement.


Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism  is a very serious legal issue which is punished by many Search engines including Google. Duplicating either the content of others or that composed without anyone else’s input before is not permitted. It is not possible to find the plagiarism manually but luckily, Grammarly has the capacity to discover the predictable part in your substance to illuminate you that there are a few changes to be made to prevent issues.

When a few words or sentences are discovered to match the content of other website pages on the web, they will be highlighted so you can change them.


1. Works better than MS word.

2. Easy web interfaces with extensions.

3. Plagiarism checker.



There are no cons with this awesome tool. You can use the premium version for free for 14 days. Click the link below to use Grammarly for free

The #1 Writing Tool



Grammarly is one of the awesome tools. If you’ve used Grammarly let me know your experience with it. If you use some other tools similar to Grammarly, do let me and others know about it.



5 Replies to “Grammarly review – free grammar check online”

    1. Hey Rohan,

      I am using Grammarly since last month and it is great. You can also use it. Browser addon is free and also you can install the add on for Microsoft word. I also see many posts lately about Grammarly. I found the secret behind it. Will let you know later about it.

  1. Grammarly is undoubtedly a super-useful app.

    As you rightly pointed out, it can do much more than do simple spelling and grammar checks. The most useful feature for me is the advanced grammar check and the plagiarism checker. While it is no copyscape, it provides more than enough information – good enough for most of my customers.

    I got grammarly premium that aids in more checks than what I imagined. Grammarly premium comes at a premium – almost $140 per month.

    For a limited time, there is a *huge* discount of 70% on grammarly. Just follow this link and get it for $30 per year!

  2. Hello Caroll! This tool is really great, but no automatic service will guarantee a perfect job. If you want to hire a proofreading service, there are many of them in the internet. Here is one I used:

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