List of Websites Where You Can Download Free Things

People love free things. Each day they search for free software, themes, movies, etc. Here is the list of websites where you can download free things.

List of Websites Where You Can Download Free Things




1. – Download All type of  Windows PC Software for all Versions

2. – Download any Youtube Video in HD

3. – Download Pdf Book Collection

4. – Download Trending Photos from The Internet

5. – Download Android apk directly to your PC

6. – Download Free Powerpoint templates and themes.


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7. – Download Free Blogger templates for your Blogger

8. – Download Free WordPress themes for WordPress Blog

9. – Download Latest music mix tracks.

10. – Free Vector Icons in SVG, PNG, EPS and Icon Font for photoshop and illustrator.

11. – Download all type of drivers for your PC

12. – Download Movies, Music, Pictures and Software for free.

13. Google Takeout – Download your All Google Profile , Search and Email Data.

14. Google Fonts – Download Free Fonts Database from Google.

15. Download Rainmeter Skins – Download Rainmeter Skins for free for Rainmeter Software.

16. Wikimedia – Download Wikipedia Data in Your Computer.

17. Github – Download Source of Open Source Software.

18. HD wallpapers – Download HD Wallpapers for your PC and Mobile.

19. Web Capture – Download Screenshot of any Website for free.

20. Download Copy of Facebook Data –  Download your whole facebook data including your facebook messages.


Hope you have learned about the list of websites where you can download free things.

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  1. Hi Umapathy,

    What you’ve shared here is an awesome list of useful free resources, good for beginners and most of us with limited budget to run internet marketing business successfully. and Facebook download data are two links I need to check out right away.

    Thanks for sharing, nice info.

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