6 Best MyThemeShop WordPress Themes -2016

MyThemeshop WordPress Themes are the best ones in the market. Whenever newbies start their blogs, they might might choose a single theme. But it when it comes about online entrepreneur or agency holder, they work for multiple clients with many sites. So, they need to subscribe or get more themes  in A single Package.

MyThemeshop made this option easier with their collection of themes.  Mythemeshop have already  has 30+ professional WordPress themes. In this post, I will share about 6 Most used and Best Mythemeshop WordPress Themes. 

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Download Prisma app for your Android device

For photo editing, there are a lot of applications available both for online and offline use. Now, a photo editing app is creating a lot of buzzes online. Its called Prisma and it is the best app available today to edit photos. The best thing about this app is, it turns your photo into an art. Though it is available only for phones, you can get the beta version of this app now.  Let’s see how to download Prisma app for your Android device.

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Real Bloggers Publish. Do you ?

1984. A team of developers was struggling with their software. It had to be shipped in less than a week but still had many bugs. They were working almost 90 hours per week.

On Friday, team decided that the software could not be completed in time and they asked the leader to postpone launch date. Any sensible man would have agreed. But that man, famous for his unique style, did not.

Fast forward to Monday, 5:30 AM.

Software was finally completed and most of the bugs were ironed out. The team sent software to factory, ready to ship.

This was one amazing software created by an amazing team with an amazing leader.

Want to know the name of the software?

Macintosh OS.

Yes, Apple was the company behind it and the leader was none other than Steve Jobs.

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