How To Turn Your ANIMATION From Zero To Hero

There is hardly anybody who does not know what is Animation (What is Animation ?). I said that because nowadays everyone has some information about animation beforehand. But you also need to know how to create animations. You have to know the children’s talk only about them, than adults, about cartoons and animations.

This is probably because computer animation and graphics can make complex things even more interesting.

For example, if a mathematical problem is explained in pen and paper, then a child may take more time to understand it, but if the animation is used to explain the same problem, then it shows the letters of the problem as colourful and interesting. On the TV or computer screen, this makes the concept more interesting and it is easy to visualize.

As we are technologically advanced, most of our things are becoming digitalize. So why is the animation behind? Now people have shown so much interest in animation, due to the increased demand for these animation works has increased. That’s why for all students providing a big platform for animation, which they can choose as a career option.

You can also work in industries such as Films Industry, Media Houses, Advertising Agency, Digital Agency, eLearning, and you can earn good money just like any other profession by doing good work in the field of Animation.

But before all these things, you have to understand what the animation is, what types of it, and how it can be made in your career. For complete information, you will have to read this article in a good manner and by the end, you will get a lot of information about animation. Then let’s start again.

What is the meaning of animation?

The animation is a type of process that is designed, drawing, drawing layouts and preparing photographic sequences, which is later integrated into multimedia or any gaming products. Talk about its principle, then still images are exploited and managed in such a way that it creates the illusion of movement.

In order to create the illusion of motion, those images are displayed quickly and these images are very different from each other. When we constantly see these static images in a sequence, we feel like a video animation in which the characters or objects are moving.

The modern entertainment industry, such as film and television, has achieved a lot of heights because these three fields: Animation, Graphics and Multimedia have made great progress in their field. Television advertisements, for example, cartoons serials, presentation and model designs – All of these things have been used with animation and multimedia techniques.

Types of animations
Well, there are many different types of animations. But here we will only learn about some important types.

1.Traditional (Cel) animation (hand animation or hand-drawn animation)
2.Stop-motion animation (Claymation, Cut-outs)
3.Motion Graphics (Typography, Animated logo)
4.Computer Animation
1) 2D animation
2) 3D animation
3) VFX

Now let us get more information about these Animation types.

Cel Animation

Cel animation is a type of traditional animation that is done by hand drawings. In this process, many pictures are created which are very different from one another but they are nature wise progression. Due to this progressive nature, they are used to represent some actions. A transparent sheet was used to trace these drawings.

This transparent sheet is called cel and it is a kind of medium to draw frames. In order to make cel animations more attractive in the present time, music, matching sound effects, along with drawings, along with the right timing is used for each effect.

For example, in a cartoon show, 10-12 frames are run with the rapid succession per second, so that an animation can be given to that cel animation.

Stop Animation

Stop animation or stop motion animation is a type of technology that lets you move the objects on their own. In this, some images are drawn in different positions and they are photographed separately. Puppetry is a very prominent frame-to-frame animation type. Some Hollywood movies in which animate has been done via stop-motion effects are King Kong, The Dinosaur, and The Lost World.

Motion Graphics

These motion graphics are digital footage or pieces of animation which create such illusions in which it seems that they are in illusion motion and are also rotate. These are often combined with audio to give a better shape and they are used in other multimedia projects.
These motion graphics are used less commonly in animations like the frame-by-frame footage and animation you are using. These motion graphics are not used in a story based just like typical animation, but they are mostly used in animated abstract shapes and forms such as logos and logo elements.

Computer Animation

Computer Animation is a very latest technique that mainly consists the of three things that have 2D animation, 3D animation, VFX Not only does it enhance hand-drawn characters but also makes them real if we compare it to earlier animations.

2D Animation:

What is 2D Animation? Powerpoint and Flash animations are used to do this. Suppose their features are usually similar to cel animation, but 2D animations became more popular because scanned drawings were used in a computer such as a cartoon film. A very popular animation software used to create 2D animation is Adobe Flash.

3D Animation:

What is 3D Animation? It is used in filmmaking where we need unusual objects or characters which can not be easily displayed. For example, using 3D Animation, we can make a lot of people stand in one place, set the mountain above a table. In this, many different shapes, mathematical codes are used, actions and colours are displayed which is mind-blowing and it appears that it has been copied from an actual picture. Speaking of Best 3D Animation Software, Maa, 3D Max and Blender are the main ones.

VFX: The short form of Visual Effects is VFX. In this process, such imagery is created which is different from live action shoot in any filmmaking. Live effects footage (special effects) and created digital effects are integrated into Visual Effects, so it seems that the environment is completely realistic, but with this be awesome, be valuable To be impractical, and even impossible to capture in any film. It now uses CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to create such things.

By using all of these animation types, it introduces a new and great amazing technology in the Internet field (for website design and graphics), in the film industry and even in media. Apart from this, animation has become a popular internet marketing strategies that will allow you to stop visitors for more time in your site or blog.

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